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Who we are

In 2014 we started a quickly growing company, providing VPN service to home users. The team was getting bigger so we started thinking of how to safeguard remote access to our systems for ourselves. But we didn't find any suitable solution for a smaller company like ours. A solution, that would be affordable, flexible and easy to use. So we developed our own remote access solution. It turned out, that many small and midsize businesses experienced the same struggle as we did and we started to offer the solution commercially.

Such market opportunity led us to invest our experience and skills into building something bigger. A service that would bring advanced networking and security features, traditionally used by the big ones, to SMBs without a hitch. Home-office was a growing trend and the need to secure remote access intensified. That was about 2016 and big IT players still didn't provided tools that fit the budget and resources of a smaller company.

So we laid foundations of GoodAccess, a cloud tool that safely interconnects users, systems, data and other resources. A next generation solution that transforms VPN technology with SDP and zero-trust features. To drive the momentum, we broaden the team in 2019, intensified development and in August 2020 GoodAccess was born. From that milestone, we earned trust by customers from 120+ countries worldwide.

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What we do

GoodAccess, a cloud service that enables creating a resilient virtual network (Software Defined Perimeter) with identity-based access control. The solution is easy to use, deployed in 10 minutes and agile by design.


A leading cloud VPN with static IP for individuals and business teams enabling secure remote access from anywhere. Instant deployment, easy whitelisting, no hardware, fair pricing makes VPN Static IP a preferable choice for everyone who wants to easily get public static IP address.


Unblock VPN service provides 100% internet freedom to more than 80 000 customers worldwide. Thanks to Unblock VPN, they can access their favourite websites with no restrictions.


The values we share

Samohyb is a company culture in which our organizations are driven by internal motivation

We strive for a sustainable balance between our heart, mind, family, team, investors, customers, partners, community and the environment.
Together we create a safe place defined by trust, understanding and openness. We should feel the same as we do at home.
We respect the uniqueness of every human being. There is no need to pretend, altogether we just do things the best we can.
Motivation is a desire that leads to self-realization and learning. We live to feel great no matter if we make small or big things.
The change is always driven by inspiration. Everyone should be inspired to inspire others.
Feel joy at home, feel joy at work. Don't be angry with the rose for its thorns, rejoice that such a thorny bush still has flowers.

Meet our team

Veronika Cizkova
Social Media

When I was young, I wanted to be an archeologist. Now I dig through social media instead.

Lukas Dolnicek
PR & Content Lead

Too weird to live, too rare to die. Creator mode: on.

Eva Hisemova
Customer Success Specialist

I've always wanted to learn languages. At GoodAccess, I get to speak to people from the whole world.

Jan Bures
Full Stack Developer

So you want a new feature? Give me 3 days, 7 Red Bulls, and you'll get something nobody understands, but it actually works!

Miroslav Mandel
Senior Advisor

I've always believed in fairy tales. And now I am a part of one in which GoodAccess is a Unicorn.

Petr Pecha

Wielder of the grammar hammer.

Veronika Fantova
Operations Assitant

"The world belongs to those who don't shit in the corner." - Bukowski

Martina Prokopova
Channel Manager

Relationships were always important to me. In GoodAccess, I work on relations with our Partners worldwide.

Lubos Milan
Vice President of Sales

I used to be a ski instructor, but now I help people to ride in the IT world.

Marek Helis
App Developer

It doesn't matter who you are. What matters is your plan.

Michal Cizek

As a little boy, I used to play the violin. Now I tune the vision of GoodAccess.

Michael Ott
Digital Marketing

I dreamed of being an F1 driver as a kid, now I'm steering our digital campaigns.

Michal Popcak
Full Stack Developer

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.

Michal Gebert
Full Stack Developer

When I am programming, it's like I'm crossing a one-way street. I always have to look both ways.

Michal Tresnak
Technical Support Lead

Rescued from depths of corporate hell. Released from shackles of mundane servitude. Now free to provide the greatest support.

Milan Koukol
Product Owner

In my heart, I am an athlete who enjoys pushing boundaries. Who Dares Wins.

Martin Cizek

Passionate teambuilder, musician, epicure who tends to create his own reality and loves to inspire others.

Ondrej Kminek
App Developer

4e 65 76 65 72 20 67 6f 6e 6e 61 20 67 69 76 65 20 79 6f 75 20 75 70 ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)

Jakub Chlapec

Petr Zacek
App Developer

Awesome football player, terrible cook, and sometimes confused man.

Tomas Orlik
Strategic Advisor

I am helping GoodAccess with strategic decisions.

Jiri Hromadka

Water has been my most favorite element since I was a kid. Now I ride on a wave with GoodAccess.

Simon Lackovic
Web Developer

if (tired() && sad() === true){ tired().stop();


Miroslav Mandel

At early beginnings, Miro supported GoodAccess as an angel investor. He recognized our potential and his spirit encouraged us for global expansion. Today, Miro helps us as an advisor.

Kamil Levinsky

With Kamil, we share the feeling that a company's culture is as fundamental as a successful business. We met at an event by Nation 1, and today he connects us with potential partners as value-added investor.

Tomas Orlik

Just as we do, Tomas believes innovations are key to a sustainable world and society. He brought his expertise in international business development to GoodAccess, and today he helps us as a fundraising advisor.

Nation 1

In 2021, people from Nation 1 supported our company's global ambitions. They invested in our future, and the result is a balanced relationship backed by great energy. Thanks to the $1M seed investment by Nation 1, we've boosted our global expansion.

Join us and become a driving force behind the evolution of the internet safety

At GoodAccess you will not only find a meaningful job. You will do what you love together with people that appreciates your uniqueness.

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